Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Superdad's opinion

Last night I brought up our pending conception, and once again Superdad says he feels like I'm pressuring him. He says he does want another child, but wants to wait until January or so. BIG SURPRISE! He keeps pushing the date back further and further. I've been ready to start trying since before Christmas! I thought we'd both agreed on the end of Summer/August! So, after a long discussion he conceded to saying we could give it a try! I said since I don't really know when (or if) I'm going to O we'd need to start baby dancing tomorrow and at least do every other day, if not every day. He was pleased with that. :)
Some of my reasons for trying now:
  1. Age spacing I want- I think 2 years is P-E-R-F-E-C-T!
  2. I LOVED being pregnant in winter and having a spring baby
  3. Re-use the same maternity clothes and some baby clothes b/c of the season
  4. My job has the flexibility I need for both pregnancy and a newborn
  5. In the next few years I'm going to be finishing my associates degree and it won't be the ideal time to be pregnant

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