Saturday, August 15, 2009

Start of the 2ww

During the next 10-12 days I know I'm going to be agonizing over this! Am I? Am I not? What's going on??? These are some of the Early Pregnancy Symptoms I'm going to be looking for, and (over)analyzing.
Specific early symptoms of Pregnancy:

1. Frequent urination: There occurs a feeling of frequent urination as a sign due to the related hormonal changes inside the woman’s body because there happens a stretching of the ligaments over the bladder and thus bathroom trips are common signs for her to b occupied every time experienced inside the house.
2. Implantation bleeding: The egg attaches to the wall of the uterus and a pregnant woman experiences a spotting where usually as discussed above the bleeding isn’t so much strong or heavy by nature.
3. Tender Breasts: The breasts become painful to touch upon due to excessive tenderness and soreness. The size of the breasts also slightly increases by nature as the breasts become increasing sensitive to environmental factors which are responsible for the sensitivity of a pregnant woman.
4. Cramping of the muscles & Joints: There is experienced a slight contraction in the uterus with slight cramping at the joints and muscles. It is according to gynecologists the very first symptom of pregnancy.
5. Sickness in the morning: An another iconic attempt as an early sign of pregnancy syndrome is the way how a specific body is telling you mentioning about excessive but sudden changes of hormones of the body-building cells. A pregnant woman in morning sickness difficulty has an increased sensitivity to smells and tastes of certain peculiar food dishes available. The symptom which is synonymous with pregnancy causes the morning sickness to happen at any time of the day till night.
6. Tests of Pregnancy: A safe home testing kit for pregnancy is non-intrusive and rather a cost effective method available in hand confirming that a woman is pregnant. A pregnant woman if isn’t assured of conception can have herself tested with a blood or urine test by any physician or urological clinic where she is confirmed to have positive results about pregnancy.
7. High body-temperature & dizziness: The basal body temperature increases substantially after conception due to pressure atop the uterus reaching the cervix of a woman’s body. If the body temperature remains high even when she is not menstruating then it mans she is having early sign of pregnancy. Even dizziness and fatigue grapples her out of working schedules which is normal or even abnormal for her to demand rest every now and then. Many women have had the spells filled with unusual fainting or unconsciousness.

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