Wednesday, September 22, 2010


W, has been obsessed with Mr. Potato Head lately, so of course that's what he wanted to be for Halloween! We got him this costume! It's super cute, but now I'm kind of thinking O, should be another Toy from Toy far I've only come up with the little alien costume, but I'm not too excited about that one. Gotta keep hunting. And I'm not sure what Daddy and Mommy are going to be....

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Me after my water broke & before we left for the hospital!

Finally getting a chance to post this!
April 30th at about 9pm, at 38w6d, my water broke. It was really quite a surprise as I thought for sure I'd go past my due date! So we got ready, called the grandparents to get W, and headed to the hospital. We didn't rush, but just kind of took our time. I was surprising pretty relaxed, but VERY excited. Superdad, A, was a little overwhelmed I think!
We arrived at the hospital about 10:30pm and they did some tests to make sure my water had broke. I wasn't really having any strong/consistent contractions at that point. They confirmed my water broke & admitted me. That night not really much happened and they kept talking about maybe starting a low dose of pitocin...which I didn't really want...I wanted to wait. Finally around 8am we decided to start a very low dose of pitocin. Labor was slow...and I labored all day, slowly making progress. I got two doses of stadol, the first dose really helped me, for a little while. I imagined myself just floating in the ocean, relaxing and each wave started getting stronger and stronger, but I tried to relax through it.
Finally at about 3cm I decided to get the epidural...I was having HORRIBLE pain by the time they got the epidural. The nurse checked me after that and I was 7cm! I was getting really excited that my vbac would happen...I think this was around 4pm. At around 7pm my nurse told me that we might have to start thinking c/s! This really upset me! She said once my water is broke 24hrs the risk of infection goes up... I did not want to hear it! I started crying and A tried to calm me down...but at this point I couldn't believe I was going to labor 24 hours and end up with a c/s.
Well, THANKFULLY I got a new nurse at shift change...she'd actually had a vbac herself!!! She said we could keep trying, but started flipping me to open my hips. Finally at a little after 8pm I was having a lot of pain and the nurse checked me and I was 10cm!!!! I had never been so happy in my life! She said we could start pushing...but it was probably going to be a lot of pushing. OH MAN! She wasn't kidding.
I pushed for almost 2 hours & it was HARD WORK! No joking I was completely exhausted...thought I couldn't do it...but at 10:04pm Owen Weston was born!!! It was amazing. Even though my epidural had run out and I felt all disappeared when he was placed on my chest! His cord was wrapped around his neck, and I tore a little, but all in all it was perfect! My recovery has been SO much easier. I'm so happy I got my vbac!

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