Friday, May 20, 2011

Coupon trip 2

I was armed with all my coupons, hoping to find some good deals, and I think I did.  It wasn't as GREAT as some of the deals I've seen, but it's a start.

Basically I had a lot of Target Printables, as well as some manufacturer coupons.  By having both these coupons I can "stack" them and save even more by using two coupons on one item.  I also was pleasantly surprised once I got to Target and found out certain purchases of deoderant, huggies, papertowels, and some other items, resulted in a $5 gift card!   Which was perfect because I had coupons for Degree deoderant, Huggies diapers, and Viva papertowels!  

My total savings this trip were $35.61, with $10 in gift cards (GC's), and out of pocket cost of $73.96 ( I used a $5 GC I'd previously earned)!

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