Wednesday, September 22, 2010


W, has been obsessed with Mr. Potato Head lately, so of course that's what he wanted to be for Halloween! We got him this costume! It's super cute, but now I'm kind of thinking O, should be another Toy from Toy far I've only come up with the little alien costume, but I'm not too excited about that one. Gotta keep hunting. And I'm not sure what Daddy and Mommy are going to be....

My little guys!


Me after my water broke & before we left for the hospital!

Finally getting a chance to post this!
April 30th at about 9pm, at 38w6d, my water broke. It was really quite a surprise as I thought for sure I'd go past my due date! So we got ready, called the grandparents to get W, and headed to the hospital. We didn't rush, but just kind of took our time. I was surprising pretty relaxed, but VERY excited. Superdad, A, was a little overwhelmed I think!
We arrived at the hospital about 10:30pm and they did some tests to make sure my water had broke. I wasn't really having any strong/consistent contractions at that point. They confirmed my water broke & admitted me. That night not really much happened and they kept talking about maybe starting a low dose of pitocin...which I didn't really want...I wanted to wait. Finally around 8am we decided to start a very low dose of pitocin. Labor was slow...and I labored all day, slowly making progress. I got two doses of stadol, the first dose really helped me, for a little while. I imagined myself just floating in the ocean, relaxing and each wave started getting stronger and stronger, but I tried to relax through it.
Finally at about 3cm I decided to get the epidural...I was having HORRIBLE pain by the time they got the epidural. The nurse checked me after that and I was 7cm! I was getting really excited that my vbac would happen...I think this was around 4pm. At around 7pm my nurse told me that we might have to start thinking c/s! This really upset me! She said once my water is broke 24hrs the risk of infection goes up... I did not want to hear it! I started crying and A tried to calm me down...but at this point I couldn't believe I was going to labor 24 hours and end up with a c/s.
Well, THANKFULLY I got a new nurse at shift change...she'd actually had a vbac herself!!! She said we could keep trying, but started flipping me to open my hips. Finally at a little after 8pm I was having a lot of pain and the nurse checked me and I was 10cm!!!! I had never been so happy in my life! She said we could start pushing...but it was probably going to be a lot of pushing. OH MAN! She wasn't kidding.
I pushed for almost 2 hours & it was HARD WORK! No joking I was completely exhausted...thought I couldn't do it...but at 10:04pm Owen Weston was born!!! It was amazing. Even though my epidural had run out and I felt all disappeared when he was placed on my chest! His cord was wrapped around his neck, and I tore a little, but all in all it was perfect! My recovery has been SO much easier. I'm so happy I got my vbac!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

He's here!

I can't believe it's taken me this long to come & post. But, O was born May 1st @ 10:04pm. He was 8lbs 1oz, and 21 1/1 in. I'm so in LOVE. I'll be going back to work in just a week and a half, so that will probably be when I will come back and post the entire labor and delivery story. But, I did get my VBAC!!! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Starting birth plan

Birth Plan Worksheet


I'd also like:

To dim the lights


I'd like the option of returning home if I'm not in active labor.

Once I'm admitted, I'd like:
My partner to be allowed to stay with me at all times
Only my practitioner, nurse, and guests present (i.e., no residents, medical students, or other hospital personnel)
To wear my contact lenses, as long as I don't need a c-section
To eat if I wish to
To stay hydrated by drinking clear fluids instead of having an IV
To walk and move around as I choose

As long as the baby and I are doing fine, I'd like:
To have intermittent rather than continuous electronic fetal monitoring
To be allowed to progress free of stringent time limits

If they're available, I'd like to try:
A birthing stool
A birthing pool/tub

When it's time to push, I'd like to:
Do so instinctively

I'd like to try the following positions for pushing (and birth):

Whatever feels right at the time

As long as my baby and I are doing fine, I'd like the pushing stage to be allowed to progress free of stringent time limits


I'd like to try the following pain-management techniques:
Breathing techniques/distraction
Please don't offer me pain medication. I'll request it if I need it.


I'd like:
The room to be as quiet as possible
To risk a tear rather than have an episiotomy

After birth, I'd like:
To hold my baby right away, putting off any procedures that aren't urgent
To breastfeed as soon as possible
My partner to cut the umbilical cord


If I have a c-section, I'd like:
My partner present at all times during the operation
The baby given to my partner as soon as he's dried (as long as he's in good health)
To breastfeed my baby in the recovery room


After delivery, I'd like:
All newborn procedures to take place in my presence
My partner to stay with the baby at all times if I can't be there
To stay in a private room
To have a cot provided for my partner

I plan to:
Breastfeed exclusively

The following can be offered to my baby:

Please don't offer anything to my baby at any point

I'd like my baby fed:
On demand

I'd like:
24-hour rooming-in with my baby

If my baby's a boy:
I'd like him circumcised at the hospital.

I'd like my other child(ren) brought in to see me and meet the new baby as soon as possible after the birth.

Labor Prediciton...

Just about the time you think you can't handle hearing one more "when is that baby going to pop?", your baby will decide to make it's appearance. We predict your baby will be born 3-7 days before its due date. Your baby will most likely be born in the morning. Justmommies predicts that your baby will weigh approximately 8.2 pounds and that your labor will be about 11 hours long.

I'd definitely be happy with 3-7 days before my due date!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I guess I should say I think I've finally made my decision on the doula...and I won't be having one. I know I probably should, and I kind of worry that I'm setting myself up for failure. But, to me I think I will be more comfortable with just Superdad, plus I can't justify spending the $400+ when money is already going to be so tight. I know I REALLY want to take 8 weeks maternity leave, and swinging that will be hard enough. Since I'm barely going to get paid for 4 weeks. Anyways I think I'm just going to have to prepare myself and prep Superdad so he can be my coach. I also am working on a simple birthplan, which I think will just help me remember my goals.

30 week ultrasound!

We had our growth check ultrasound yesterday, and the tech surprised me with a 3D peek. It was so neat! We took Monkey with us again, and as soon as he went in the room he pointed at the screen and said "baby brother." Although he lost interest after a few minutes, it was still neat for him to see the baby again. We also got this really cool face picture! They are guesstimating his size at 3lbs. 14oz. right now. So, he is measuring at 31w5d, but my doctor was not concerned at all. She also said the amniotic fluid level was right where it should be. I'm getting so excited... I can't believe we are closing in on the home stretch!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Madam Zaritska prediction...

I know I did this once before, early on, so though I'd do it again now. Could be pretty accurate, except I highly doubt the red hair.

The day you deliver, outside will be hazy. Your baby will arrive in the middle of the night. After a labor lasting approximately 17 hours, your child, a boy, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 9 pounds, 1 ounces, and will be 20 inches long. This child will have dark brown eyes and a lot of red hair.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

27 weeks

Wow, where is the time going?!? I cannot believe it's already almost the 3rd trimester. We still do not have a name... which each day I kind of wish we could just decide on one already?!?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

26 & 26 weeks!

I celebrated my 26th birthday last week! And now I'm 26 weeks, getting closer the the third trimester. To update on the test I got at my 24 week appointment, it came back negative, which was good news. I've still had some cramping and back aches, but no spotting. I'm excited for my next appointment, the 15th. Although, I'm not excited to drink the sugary drink for the diabetes screening. Hopefully it'll be like last time, and not as bad as I'd imagined. Well, I don't have much time to update now, but here's my 26 week baby bump!

Oh, and I found a doula I think I might like! I just need to get some time to call her back. I'm very excited because she also offers a vbac class!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

24 week appointment

I had my 24 week appointment yesterday. I can't believe how far along I am already. Anyways, I mentioned to the doctor that I've been having some cramping over the weekend. It's not been really painful, just uncomfortable. Anyways, she checked my cervix and everything looks good, not dilation or anything. But, she also did this swab test for Fetal Fibronectin. I guess a negative result can at least reassure you that you will most likely not go into labor early (or at least within the next 2 weeks). It's kind of scary thinking of having pre-term labor, when it's not anything I every suspected. I did still have some cramping last night, but it could just be feeling uncomfortable, braxton hicks, or some pain from scar tissue from the c/s. Hopefully it's nothing. The doctor just said if I have any bleeding, leaking discharge, or contractions to call. On a better note I got to hear the heartbeat on the doppler! I love hearing that little heartbeat! It won't be long now until I'm holding little man in my arms.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yummy margarita!

I almost forgot I wanted to share my secret for a delicious non-alcoholic margarita! I tried one the other night and it was delicious. I just bought some non-alcoholic margarita mix and salt, but instead of tequila I used a shot of lime juice. Mix and serve on ice. It was delicious!

116 days to go...

Wow, so May 8th seems so far away, except when I think of it as only a little over 100 days. :0 The last few days I've been so exhausted. I'm worried maybe I'm getting a little bit of a cold, but I'm trying to take it easy. Hopefully it won't get worse. This horrible weather we've had is not helping I'm sure. On top of everything, work has also been super stressful. I said for 2010 my new year's resolution was to not sweat the small stuff. Or basically not stress over all these little things, that I have no control over. I feel like I spend so much time worrying about what could happen, and I just don't want to be that way. I want to enjoy every moment I can.
Last night I slept horrible. I woke up at about 4am and just could not go back to sleep. For some reason I started thinking about something Superdad did almost a year ago, that really upset me. Then I started feeling really angry with him. Weird I know. Once again I really want to let these things go. I want to live in the moment and be happy. Ugh, I think my emotions are just all over the place right now. Hopefully I can get a better nights sleep tonight. I also think I'm desperately in need of some girls time. I've not gone out, or done anything, with my friends since early November. It's definitely time for some girl talk!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

22 weeks, 4 days!

Getting quite the little bump!

My Weight Loss Journey!

My Boys!