Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Such a big secret!

So, I still have not told a single person IRL. I can't believe I've kept this secret for 3 whole days! I think it has helped to have my online friends to spill the beans to. I really can't wait to tell my 2 BFFs, but I want to tell them in person, so I have to wait for the right opportunity. Superdad just HAD to tell someone, so he called his BFF, whom he's know since elementary school, and told him the news. But, other than that it is our secret. Which is kind of nice and special, but I still can't wait to spread the news. :) I'm still feeling pretty good, seeing as it's still so early, but I'm having this horrible numbness and wrist pain. I bought a wrist band today, and it seems to be kind of helping. I really should try to limit my typing, but all my time is spent online.

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