Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Switching Doctors

I guess while I have a moment I should also post about switching doctors. When I saw my Dr. on Monday, she said that there would be no way for me try a VBAC at XYZ hospital. I'd only be able to try at an out-of-network hospital. Which, for monetary reasons, is out of the question. So, I've now made an appointment for Oct. 26th with this other Dr. She was recommended to me from a member of ICAN. So, I'm excited to meet Dr. B, I hope I like her. I'm still going to have to cancel my next appointment w/ Dr. G and get my records from Monday's appointment. I hope that goes smoothly, I'll probably wait until next week. It kind of stinks because I really do like Dr. G, but I think I need someone a little more understanding of my needs and wants. I'm also going to ask Dr. B what she thinks about me getting a doula. It's still something I'm highly considering. I just want to wait until I'm feeling better and I can call around and speak with a few different doulas. If you are wondering what a doula is, this site has great information!

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