Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All day sickness!

Ok, it really seems like this time around I'm getting every symptom to the max! I've been feeling sick constantly, and on top of that I've had awful constipation! I'm really starting to think this may be my last pregnancy. I just can't imagine going through all this pain again. I know in the end it is SO worth it, but it's still awful! I just keep praying... only 5 more weeks! I REALLY, REALLY hope I start feeling better at 12 weeks. I honestly can't remember when the m/s stopped last time, but I know it was right around the 2nd trimester. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I got a prescription for Zofran, from my Dr, so I'm going to get that filled today. Hope I can get some relief! I'm also taking stool softeners to help with the constipation. I'm trying to up my water intake too. It's been really hard because water, and almost all drinks, make me sick. I hope I can have some more positive posts in the weeks to come! :(

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