Saturday, December 5, 2009

18 weeks!

I cannot believe I'm already 18 weeks along. This pregnancy seems to be flying by now. Although I'm still getting a little sick on some mornings, it's not too bad. I'm still exhausted all the time though. Monkey is starting to kiss my belly and say baby when pointing at my belly. It's so darn cute! I have my next appointment set for the 21st. We will be doing the big 20 week ultrasound then. I can't wait to see this little boy again. Superdad is also coming, and I want to bring Monkey. I don't know if he'll really have any clue what's going on, but I still feel like he should be there. I'm feeling more and more movement from this little guy. I can't wait until Superdad and Monkey can feel it too. As far as a name for this little guy... we are still completely undecided. I really like Weston, but Superdad is completely against it. He loves Luke, but I'm completely against that. He is getting me to sway more towards Austin, but I don't know. I feel this little guy isn't going to have a name for awhile...

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