Saturday, December 19, 2009

Half-way there! 20 weeks!

I really can't believe I've finally made it to the 1/2 way point. Although, May still seems SO far away. I don't know why, but it just does. However, I am sure that the next few months will fly by. We've got Christmas and New Year's approaching so quickly. Then, it'll be my birthday, the big 26! After that Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day, two holidays I really enjoy. Then we'll have MONKEY'S 2ND BIRTHDAY! I cannot believe he'll be 2 already. The party planning will definitely occupy my time. Plus I really have not done anything to prepare for this little guy. I figure around March I need to start pulling out clothes, bottles, etc. to get them ready for this little man. Then we also will celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary at the end of April. Gosh, looking at all I have to do, it really doesn't seem all that far off...

Here's my 19 week, 6 day belly bump. Also, I've been feeling lots more movement from my little man!

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