Friday, October 9, 2009

Almost 10 weeks!

So, I'll finally be 10 weeks tomorrow. I cannot wait for this morning (all day) sickness to end! I actually threw up in my garage a few mornings ago! And now for the past several nights I been throwing up after dinner. It's absolute hell! I've also been having really bad backaches. The only thing that's been helping my nausea is diet coke. I've really been trying to drink only caffeine free, and only 1-2 a day. Which I know is still not good, but it helps! I'm mostly worried about the aspartame in diet coke. I've tried regular coke, but it just doesn't cut it. I don't know why, I completely gave up diet coke last pregnancy. I caved, and maybe had a few in my last month, but other than that nothing.
On a happier note I picked up my Intelligender test today. I was going to take it with Princess, but found out it requires first morning urine. So, instead I'm just going to take it tomorrow. I've mostly heard that it's not very accurate. Specifically that it can give you false "BOY" results. But, we'll see. I'm pretty much expecting it to say BOY, and if it comes up GIRL I'll be pretty surprised, and excited! :) Results to come tomorrow!

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