Sunday, October 25, 2009

12 weeks!!!

So, I'm finally 12 weeks. It has been a miserable 7 or so weeks. I've been nauseous almost constantly, throwing up randomly, and exhausted! Oh my, how easy we forget how terrible this really is. And, oh boy, how much I envy those women who have no morning sickness!!! You all suck! Ok, yes, I'm incredibly jealous. But, now I've finally made it to 12 weeks, and I'm feeling a little bit better. Hopefully this is the end of that horribly nausea. I woke up today, it's Superdad's birthday, and although I felt a little nauseous, it's passed. I'm hoping I'll be able to eat some breakfast here soon. I still have not told anyone at work, which I hope to tell them ASAP. I also have my first appointment with the new doctor tomorrow. I actually just found out I'm going to have to meet with the midwife, which I think might actually be better. If I really like the midwife I might just stick with her. I have so many questions though, about the vbac, how far will I be able to go, what things during labor would require a c-section, etc, etc. Well, I just wanted to take a minute to catch up, and now I really need to go get some food.

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