Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Birthday Party!

Just wanted to share a little on my plans for the boys' big birthday bash! It's all planned for the 17th. We wanted to do a party in the week between W's birthday (4/16) and O's (5/1), but that day ended up being Easter, so we decide on the 17th. We are doing the party at a bounce-house/open gym play type place. It's going to be really neat (plus no worrying about clean up before/after the party at home)!!!
We are doing a Toy Story theme- since W is obsessed! I did a test run for the cupcakes- I'd like to make them a little greener for the party, and will be adding sour straws for the little antennas on the alien's heads, and some green candy for ears.
I am also going to try and make these Mr. Potato Head cake pops--- I've got just about everything I need and am going to do a test batch Thursday. Wish me luck! I've never done anything like this- actually haven't baked cupcakes in years either! But, the cupcakes (from a box) were pretty easy, I'm not sure about these...
And I'm going to try and make a slinky dog banner similar to this-
And I got these awesome treat bags from Etsy-So, everything is really coming together! I'm so excited!

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